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Custom-made web browsers: Designed to specific needs

Benefits for Businesses
Marketing purposes

Foster better customer relationships

Easier support for customers

Special content for customers only

Push your content to users' desktops to improve accessibility & corporate branding

Track your visitors' usage to improve services

Benefits for Individuals
Access your most frequented sites with just one click

Bring your browser with you where ever you go

Wider viewing screen area

"Cool" factor - unique browser character
216 web-safe colors
Webmasters Forum Directoy
Toolbars collection
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Web Browsers: General

Web browsers are applications that allow you to browse web sites. Without them you will not be able to view any web pages. The function of web browser software is to convert codes like HTML and Javascripts into viewable pages that can be displayed on your computer monitor.

Almost all computers which use the Windows operating software come with Internet Explorer installed. But that is not the only web browser available. Several other web browsers available are FireFox, Netscape Navigator, Avant Browser, Opera, Safari, Enigma etc. However, Microsoft Internet Explorer has the largest share of users. Web browsers are always evolving to keep up with web technology and computer operating systems.

Many Web Browsers [image by: David Nečas (Yeti)]. Many different types - CLICK to see an enlarged image
Many Browsers

Why another web browser?

There are currently several excellent browsers on the market and most of them are open source and free. Many compete for features and have complicated interfaces that can be quite daunting to a new computer user, an old folk who is hardly familiar with computers, and to a young child just starting to handle simple web surfing.

Even a seasoned web surfer will find that 50% of the features were hardly needed or used on a regular basis. Most just sit there on the menu - taking up precious space. Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you have a wider screen space? If you are using Internet Explorer, one trick you can use to view with a full screen is to press "F11" - and to get back your original screen size, simply just press "F11" again!

Some samples: Free browsers samples

To give you an idea of what a customizable browser may look like, please look at our 5 samples on the Products page. That would give you a simple idea of how some browsers may be customized to look like - but that is just the beginning! All browsers can be customized for size, with images you like, sounds if that is what you desire, and with links that you use regularly. You can have more features or opt for less. You can have your company logo, your picture - or even have one customized for your loved one, a child, or even an aged parent! The possibilities are limitless. But we no longer do customizations.

The free samples here are fully functional on Win2000 and WinXP operating systems, and have been tested. You can have a free download - and simply run it off your desktop. No installation needed.



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