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TIP #1- Full Screen Viewing [For Internet Explorer]

1) Press "F11"
2) Right-click on tool bar
3) Check "Auto-hide"
4) You will now be in full-screen mode but to make the tool bar appear, just touch the top corner of the screen with your cursor
5) Press "F11" to restore the toolbar

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Free Alternative Internet Web Browsers

Simple and Efficient: ShenzBrowser V.1

Simple and Basic Plain Surfing: ShenzSimple V.1

Quick Access To a University Homepage: ShenzStudy V.1

Kids Browser: ShenzKiddy V.1

Free eBooks Browser: ShenzBook 1.0

Webmasters' Forum Browser: ForumSet 1.0

Download Free Full Products: Shenz Web Browsers

There are six samples featured here.

ShenzBrowser V.1: This is for general use
ShenzSimple V.1: A no-frill very basic and user friendly browser
ShenzStudy V.1: For university students (at a certain University)
ShenzKiddy V.1: Browser for Kids
ShenzBook 1.0: Browser for people who want to gain access to a free eBooks directory
ForumSet 1.0: Browser for those who like to participate in Webmasters' Forums

Download Instructions

Best practice: Create a folder in your hard / local disk drive. Give it a name. After clicking on the "DOWNLOAD" link, a dialogue box will pop up. Choose "save program to disk" option. Then browse and choose the folder to download this Browser there. After downloading is completed, close the dialogue box. Look in your folder. You should see a colorful "SB" icon. Just click on that to open the browser!

Easiest method: Alternatively, you may like to save the file to your desktop for easy access. NO INSTALLATION IS NEEDED. Anytime you do not want the program anymore - just right-click on the icon and delete it.

Firewall issue: As with any new program on your computer accessing the internet for the first time, this ShenzBrowser software will require your PERMISSION to allow it to connect to the internet.


** The Software program has been thoroughly scanned and tested, but as with all new software, it is recommended that you run a virus checker before use. It is also recommended that you have an up-to-date back up of your hard disk before using this program. We cannot accept any responsibility for any disruption, damage and / or loss to your data or computer system that may occur while using this program and the data on it. There is no warranty on this product whatsoever. To download the program means you have ACCEPTED this agreement.


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