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Simple and Efficient: ShenzBrowser V.1.1

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Title: ShenzBrowser V.1.1 (Beta Release ...we welcome users comments) [Release date: May 1, 2005]

Description: This is a customized browser for individual use. It is simple yet functional. Your current homepage and favorites will be there. Your current Internet settings will remain unchanged. It has direct links to Google search, bookshops, and other resources - all at the click of a button. This is a time saving feature. ** Please note that there are 2 sponsored links to help with the development costs.

File Size: about 1.6MB, this is an application by itself. Can also operate from a CD or other storage devices.

System Requirements:
Requires Windows2000 or WindowsXP. It is a browser with its own engine and can run without Internet Explorer or other browsers on the system. However, this is NOT designed to replace your other Internet Browsers.

** NOT for use with MAC operating system.

** This browser will be updated when more features are needed. So check back often! PERMISSION is granted for you to DOWNLOAD the browser for your own use and to SHARE the Browser with whoever needs it.



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from May 21, 2004 to April 29, 2007


Testimonials | Reviews

Simple, clean, efficient, Id ask for tabs and stuff but that would take away the point of this browser. Thanks for making this one.
by Glenn Barfield

Just a note to say that I really appreciate your SHENZ BROWSER. I came across it a short while ago when IE6 files on one of my PCs became corrupted and I could not access the internet. On a separate PC I came across your SHENZBROWSER and was amazed that I could download it to a CD-ROM and that it worked from the CD-ROM directly. This allowed me to repair the original IE6 problem on PC#1. I have now downloaded and use the SHENZ BROWSER regularly on three PCs; THANK YOU!
by Rory McEvoy, Toronto, Canada

It is very nice and easy to use. I used it on my Win2000 Professional Edition.
by David: Securitex Electronic Systems Engineering

That is a very user-friendly browser! I closed my IE and just run your browser and it works just as good as IE. The best part is that it is so small and can even run off the diskette (refering to the very first version).
by Jeff, Singapore

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