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ShenzSimple V.1

Simple and Basic Plain Surfing: ShenzSimple V.1

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1) Click on "View" on the toolbar
2) Move your cursor down to "Text Size"
3) Click on the desired size (from smallest to largest)
4) Most of the time, the text on your web page will resize (but sometimes, nothing happens because the webmaster had configured it so)

* A Very Simple and Plain Basic Web Browser *

For Those Who Need It Really Simple

Using a web browser to surf the internet is second nature to many of us. Thus we think nothing of the mouse and the keyboard, let alone the browser interface. But there are people who are unfamiliar with the keyboard and how to use the mouse. These persons may find a normal browser too daunting and complex with many buttons. I am refering to a complete beginner who is learning to use a computer for surfing the internet (for the first time). Ordinary browsers may seem like a pilot's cockpit to him or her!

The ShenzSimple browser is great for senior citizens and those who can't be bothered with bells and whistles that many other advanced browsers offer. Many people simply do not have cause to visit a huge number of websites on a daily basis, and therefore will not require an especially complex browser. Indeed, many of these people would much prefer to keep things simple. If you only want to check your emails, or perhaps take a look at your phone bill on sites such as, then ShenzSimple is a great browser to you. You will have full access to all the webpage features, but won’t be confronted with a complex user interface when you want to access the internet.


Title: ShenzSimpleV.1 Browser (Beta Release) [Released date: May 17, 2004] ... we invite users comments.

Description: This is a customized browser for individual use. It is simple yet functional. Your current homepage and favorites will be there. Your current Internet settings will remain unchanged. Excellent feedback from senior citizens who had tried surfing the internet with this browser. The sheer simplicity of the browser interface eliminates fear of learning how to use a new program, and the learning curve is next to nil. (This is especially true when it's the first time for a person to handle the mouse and the keyboard.) Please note that like our Kid's browser (ShenzKiddy), ShenzSimple is entirely free!

File Size: about 1.32MB (Easily fits onto a floppy disk.) , this is an application by itself and can run from a floppy disk, CD, or other storage devices.

System Requirements:
The browser had been tested to run very well on Windows2000 and WindowsXP. Not to be used on earlier versions of Windows. This is a standalone application with an engine of its own so it can run on your computer even without other browser software, such as I.E. However, this is NOT designed to replace your other Internet Browsers.

** NOT for use with MAC or VISTA operating system.

** This browser will be updated when more features are needed. So check back often! PERMISSION is granted for you to DOWNLOAD the browser for your own use and to SHARE the Browser with whoever needs it.



ShenzSimple V.1 screen shot
413 downloads from May 21, 2004 to April 29, 2007


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