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ShenzKiddy V.1

Kids Browser: ShenzKiddy V.1

TIP #5 - Blank homepage
[ I.E. loads much faster ]

1) Click on "Tool"
2) Select "Internet Options"
3) Find "General" Tab
4) Choose "Blank"
5) Click on the homepage icon, the screen is now blank
6) Next time, your I.E. will open a blank page
7) ** That means it may not dial the internet automatically if it's configured to do so **

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Shenz Browsers

* Web Browser for Small Kids *

Simple Kids Browser

ShenzKiddy is an ideal web browser for introducing a child to the net especially if this is his/her first few times on a computer. He/she can learn to control the mouse and keyboard without feeling overwhelmed by a "busy" browser interface.


Title: ShenzKiddy V.1 (Beta Release ... we welcome users comments) [Released date: May 21, 2004]

Description: This browser is customized for kids. It is simple, safe yet functional. Your current homepage and favorites will be there. Your current Internet settings will remain unchanged. (For example, if you have set your Internet Explorer to filter out web sites that do not have any ratings, then ShenzKiddy V.1 will take on that setting as well and will not allow access to those web sites. However, it is highly recommended that kids are not left to surf the web alone.) It has no outside links and no address bar where your kids can type and wander off. However, please be reminded that it is still possible for kids to access your favorite folder. ** Please note that there are NO sponsored links.

For more detailed specifications: Click here

How to use?: Create a "KIDS" folder in your favorite. You surf the web and preview all the sites you want your kids to visit - then add them to the favorites (in the KIDS) folder. Open the browser. Click on the last heart on the right. Your favorites will be displayed. Just click on the KIDS folder and choose the web site you want your kids to view. To close the favorites, click on the last heart again.

File Size: about 1.42MB (Easily fits onto a floppy disk.) , this is an application by itself. Can also run from a floppy disk, CD, or other storage device.

System Requirements: Have been tested to run very well on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Do not use on other earlier versions of Windows. This is NOT designed to replace your other Internet Browsers, but it can operate independently without other browsers.

**  NOT for use with MAC or VISTA operating system.
** This browser will be updated when more features are needed. So check back often! PERMISSION is granted for you to DOWNLOAD the browser for your own use and to SHARE the Browser with whoever needs it.



screen shot of ShenzKiddy V.1


from May 21, 2004 to April 29, 2007


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