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Company Information

We are based in Hong Kong and is an eCommerce and document preparation service (e.g. proofreading) company since 2003.

There are two divisions: Web designing and Document Preparation Service.
We provide Web designing and custom Favicon Design services.
We also do English proofreading and editing for businesses.

Story of this Company: It started off as a hobby! I love to code and always seek productive ways to dedicate the managing of everyday stuff to my computer. Ready made software were abundant - both free and paid, but they were either too expensive, too powerful or just did not meet my needs. So I basically designed many of my own systems; templates for lesson planning, web sites for disseminating information to my students, database software to help in client data management, and specific internet browsers to speed up my access to a university web site (I was then working full-time and studying "full-time"), a kid browser for my child, and a really simple browser for people who have much fear in using other more "complex" browsers because they have never used a computer before. Creativity in the form of writing and building things are my passions.

All the software applications I have designed were for my own personal use - but later decided to share them. I received many encouraging feedbacks and thus decided to freelance to help others design custom browsers but despite several enquiries, there were no orders! So we no longer do customized browser designing. The company will operate full-time to provide services in other areas such as English proofreading and favicon designing. I will also be providing and CV writing services in Hong Kong.

L. Shen
February 5, 2008.

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