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Custom-made a favicon that goes with the design of your logo or site purpose. Using other site's favicons on your own web site without written permission from the site owner is copyright infringement.

1) Favicons are fickle and they sometimes disappear to appear again when you relaunch your browser
2) You only need to upload your favicon file to the root of your server ... very simple
3) Choose a bold design
4) Avoid too many colors (favicons should have maximum of 16 colors only)
5) Choose colors that have good contrast with each other as well as the background
6) By dragging the blue IE icon to the right several times, you may be able to coax the favicon to appear
7) Favicons should be memorable and take on the feel of the site
8) Be aware of copyright infringement issues when using favicons you find on the internet
9)Properly built favicons should have a file size of only 318 bytes - the file size is much bigger if they're just simply cut and paste job
10) Choose your background carefully: white if your design is small and of pastel colors, transparent if your design is bold and does not cover the whole square.
11) When your favicon is dragged to the desktop, they become blurry. If you anticipate that many people will be accessing your site from the desktop, then have a 32x32 icon instead - but the greater file size will put more strain on your server. Alternatively, choosing one solid color will reduce the blurry effect.

Favicon Design Services

Favicons are little bookmark icons you see in your favorites folder, such as what you will find when you bookmark this site.

The little icon clearly distinguishes your site from the rest of those who do not make use of favicons. It is immediately visible to the person visiting his bookmark folder because the icon would be different. Have a look at the sscreen shot of the favorite's folder below:


Favicons that we will create for you will be crisp and have very small file size. They will be built pixels by pixels, to your specifications or to your web site theme and logo. The service charge is USD40 for each custom-made favicon, and discounts will be given for multiple orders. Delivery within 24 hours.

How To Order:

STEP 1: Email us if you are interested. Give us the URL of your site and after taking a look, we'll get back to you. Consultation is free and you only pay when you decide to have your favicon designed and built.

STEP 2: When you have decided to have a favicon made, a deposit of US$20 should be paid before we will commence work. Deposit is non-refundable.

STEP 3: After the design is completed, you'll be sent a copy of the work for review and changes if necessary and then the proper file would be sent to you after payment of the remaining balance of $20.

We accept PayPal for payment.

Use this button for Payment of Deposit (US$20):

Use this button for the Payment of the Balance (US$20)

Favicons we have Designed for Clients and Our Own Sites

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favicons  favicons  favicons  favicons


Delivered favicon within a day! Excellent service! Will buy again, thanks!  by Jeff


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