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Web browsers: Other resources pertaining to Web browsers

Internet Explorer Homepage
World's fastest browser: Opera
The fastest browser on the MAC
Web browser, File Manager, and more
Home of Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino
List of user-agents (Spiders, Robots, Crawler, Browser) by
Browser statistics: What is the trend in browser usage, operating systems, and screen resolutions
BrowserHawk: Browser compatibility technology (detailed info. about your browser)
Browser Compatibility Workshop: Teaches you how to tackle various browser compatibility issues that you may face while producing professional web sites

We are listed at: (Software: Child safety browsers)
Shambles in S.E.Asia (The Education Project Asia)
Teacher Resource Exchange at (Software Archive, Browsers)

Interesting Links to Articles / Sites that are Browsers related

History of Web Browsers
Key Ideas about Web Browsers
Getting to know the Web Browsers - more for new comers
How to check your Web Sites with Multiple Browsers on a Single Machine

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